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Scott Neher
Scott Neher's business ventures include Earth Investors Group (EIG), a real estate holding and acquisitions firm operating as a premier full service real estate firm, Worldcom Title Company, an independent real estate title insurance company serving the New York metropolitan area, and Earth Media Inc., the publishing company responsible for Elements magazine.. His success has helped him build strong relationships with a diverse cross section of Long Island organizations and various planning and architectural review boards.

WorldCom Title Corp -Scott Neher 

We operate by a few simple rules...

1: Reliability

Worldcom Title Corp. has "reliability success" in the title insurance industry for over a decade largely due to our desire, drive and action for customer service. We demand accuracy and diligence, for our customers, add to that a consistent pricing schedule and there is the basis for a referral for a new client.

2: Quality

Worldcom Title Corp. maintains great relationships with our insurance underwriters, to be ahead of the curve with industry changes and modifications in industry practice. WCT maintains $1,000,000 in error and omissions policies to protect every aspect of the insurance process.


Worldcom Title Corp. is an established fully automated, fully insured title company, working only with the best, most secure underwriters to ensure proper protection for the consumer's security...

We Serve All of NY State

Worldcom's Law History

Family Owned and Operated

We have worked in the real estate industry for over 30 years, specifically in the title insurance industry since 1995. At Worldcom, pride is taken in ourselves with small employee turnover and the creation of a close communicative office environment.

Expanding Business

Having knowledge of real estate statistics and cycles, we are certain that this is the best time to grow our business, great rates, great prices, a world of opportunity. It is at this time we are expanding our sales force in Manhattan. For inquires to be a part of our new business team, please send CV to